SorbOx system
SorbOx LI and SI

SorbOx improves the efficiency and reliability of ecological, modern heating systems in detached houses and house building. All-round water filtration for hydronic heating systems. Continuously removes lime, rust & gases from your water loop to ensure economic and reliable heating.

SorbOx® reliably removes unwanted substances, constantly maintaining optimum quality of heating water. SorbOx® is trouble-free and economical to operate,permitting easy compliance with directives and helping reduce output losses for a variety of hydronic heating systems.

  • heatpump water recirculations
  • low temperature, condensing boiler
  • solar-assisted hydronic heating
  • hydronic floor, wall, ceiling heating
  • hydronic radiant systems
  • green technology

SorbOx® LI

to prevent limescale, rust and the formation of gas. Magnetic flow filter, anode protection, micro gas bubble separator and demineralisation in one unit. Up to 30 kW / 100k BTUs or 800 l / 210 gal circulating water.

SorbOx® SI

to prevent rust and gas.Magnetic flow filter, micro gas bubble separator and
anode protection in one unit. Up to 20 kW / 70k BTUs or 300 l / 80 gal circulating water.
Without demineralisation. Available as an option without insulation (SorbOx® S).

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