JK ground water-based underfloor heating system

JK’s in-ground underfloor heating is comfortable and energy-efficient because the heating pipes are installed directly under the surface of the floor. This allows the floor temperature to rise much faster so the room temperature can be controlled more accurately compared to traditional underfloor heating systems.
Because of the low water flow temperature 45-35 [0C] required by JK’s system is it an excellent asset for combining with modern and renewable energy sources such as solar panels or heat pumps.

Renovation and heating solution
fermacell® gypsum fibreboard has been developed to the highest standards of German engineering. The boards have
a simple homogeneous composition – recycled gypsum, cellulose fibres from post-consumer waste paper, water and no added chemicals. fermacell® boards are fibre-reinforced throughout and are therefore extremely resilient and have particularly good sound-proofing properties.

All-in one solution
The combination of fermacell® flooring products and JK’s UFH system results in a complete solution that incorporates high-quality gypsum-based dry flooring panels and an optimum and customised integrated eco-friendly, low-temperature heating system.

Boosts underfloor heating
• Enhances acoustic performance
• Quick to install
• High point load
• Handy size 1500 x 500 [mm]
• Suitable for a wide range of floor coverings
• Chair roll resistance
• Ecologically tested

• Fast heat response time
• Better levels of humidity
• Reduces dust circulation
• More space due to absence of radiators
• Eco-friendly due to low temperature heating
• Comfortable heating
• Hygienic, no cleaning around radiators
• Installed by trained JK engineers

• Compatible with underfloor heating systems
• Mutually compatible products for the installation of any type of flooring
• Cleaning and maintenance products for the repair and aftercare of floor coverings
• Low emission and solvent free products suitable for environment building certification such as BREEAM
• Different systems suitable for residential, commercial or industrial environments
• Free technical advice and flooring specification service

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